Mar 23, 2015 - 09:51 am

Tanktwo, Syrma Concept, Transport Research Laboratory, PAK TA.

Fully charged in three minutes is the promise of Tanktwo’s ‘String Battery’ for EVs. The start-up’s system is to replace an EV battery pack with a container filled with “string cells.” To recharge, the cells are sort of sucked out and replaced with new cells. It sounds a bit too easy to be true, doesn’t it?! (with video)

Hybrid hyper racer: Students from the Istituto Europeo di Design unveiled the Syrma Concept, a study of an extreme sportscar with a 900 hp electric-hybrid powertrain. Among the features is a laser projector that signals the car’s presence when running in pure-electric mode via messages and images. (with videos)

Charging on the go: The Highways Agency has asked Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to study the feasibility of installing wireless EV charging tech into the UK’s Strategic Road Network. The focus is on installation as well as grid integration. The report is to be followed by real-world trials eventually.

Supersonic cargo wonder: Russia published plans for a hybrid transport plane. If ever built, the futuristic PAK TA aircraft is said to fly 7,000 km while carrying up to 200 tons at supersonic speeds of up to 2,000 kph. To complete the propagandistic vision, the Kremlin said it would buy 80 PAK TA by 2024.,


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