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Executive order to electrify: U.S. President Barack Obama intends to reduce the government’s CO2 emissions by 40 percent until 2025 compared to levels in 2008. He has therefore issued an Executive Order to Federal Agencies to electrify a fifth of their fleet by 2020. Until 2025, 50 percent of all new official vehicles are to be either all-electric or plug-in hybrids.,,

Public electrification: Chinese Transport Minstry last week announced its plan to add 200,000 buses and 100,000 taxis powered by alternative fuels, including electricity, until 2020. Last year alone, 15,000 “alternative fuel-powered” buses were added to China’s public transport services.

German Mayors for mobility: Three cities in Lower Saxony, namely Brunswick, Wolfsburg (where VW is from), and Salzgitter together developed a strategic paper outlining ways to improve mobility in the region. Not only public transport is to intensify in frequency and connectedness but also new rental stations for electric vehicles and bicycles are part of the plan. (in German)

Unlikely match: Nissan has teamed up with gas station provider Ricker’s to expand its “No Charge to Charge” programme to Indianapolis. EV charge stops will be conveniently located at Ricker’s fuel stations and convenience stores while Nissan provides two years of free charging to Leaf owners.

Credits to rebates: Pacific Gas and Electric Co. proposed an one-off rebate for customers driving electric cars. The rebate needs to be approved by the California Public Utilities Commission as PG&E plans to use money earned from selling carbon credits to oil companies.


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