Bertrand Piccard, Thomas Goettle.

Bertrand-Piccard“To be very honest, I don’t care so much about the airplane industry. My goal on this project is to bring these technologies and the spirit of innovation to the world on the ground.”

Bertrand Piccard, who is currently flying the ‘Solar Impulse’ around the world here proves himself to be a true pioneer with a cause.

anonym“Our analysis shows that all car makers need to maintain a real focus on meeting their targets. They should be looking to reduce vehicle weights, developing more efficient or alternative powertrains and engines, as well as securing a bigger share of smaller, hybrid and electric vehicles in their fleet.”

Thomas Goettle, automotive expert at PA Consulting Group, that has just issued a report stating the European carmakers will struggle to meet EU emission targets and possibly face fines due to failure to comply.


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