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UK supports electric motorbikes and taxis: The UK government has earmarked up to 7.5 million pounds for incentives for the purchase of electric motorcycles. Buyers could receive up to 1,500 pounds. Another 45 million pounds will go to local authorities to help them roll out more electric and hybrid taxis. Cab drivers will also benefit from a 5,000 pound grant when buying a low-emission vehicle. (motorcycles), (taxis)

Europcar goes electric: By the year 2020, one in 20 cars of the London branches of the car hiring company will be electric, putting it in line with the city’s Electric Vehicle Delivery Plan. Demonstrating this commitment, Europcar has launched a new fleet of Nissan Leaf EVs in the British capital.,

Communauto goes hybrid in Paris: Together with Toyota, Canada’s carsharing service wants to roll out 110 Yaris hybrids in Paris and surrounding areas. Communauto is already active in France since 2012 but plans on tripling its offer there in the coming three years. (in German), (in French)

Japan’s first mobile H2 station hits the road: There are 13 hydrogen filling stations in Japan, but this is the country’s first mobile station. The mobile version costs only half the amount to set up, can carry enough fuel for about five vehicles, and is operated by Nippon Mobile Hydrogen Station Services LLC.

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