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Germany to give up on 1m-goal? The German Green party recently requested more information about how the government hoped to achieve its long-term goal of 1 million electric cars by 2020. The answer was less than promising as the intention now has been watered down to becoming a “leading provider and a leading market by 2020.” There are currently just about 30,000 electric cars in use in Germany.

The New Motion goes India: The Dutch charging infrastructure provider plans to open its first manufacturing facility in India. The yet to be set up facility could potentially export “indianised” New Motion charging stations around the globe. Looks like the Indian EV market could finally be set in motion.,

Electric bus trial: The Utah Transit Authority is testing a prototype 18-metre electric bus by BYD. The articulated vehicle can take up to 120 passengers for 170 miles on one charge. UTA is however not looking at adding electric buses to its fleet anytime soon.

Study place charging: California State University’s Fullerton’s Office has officially become a partner in the Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge. Already, 11 EV charging stations can be found on the campus with more to follow in the future.

Deadlock: Bolloré’s attempt to introduce its EV sharing scheme in Indianapolis continues to be challenging. Currently, 13 million dollars are missing to kickstart BlueIndy but none of the interested (or not) parties like the city or utility provider are willing to come forward.


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