Apr 15, 2015 - 08:41 am

Japan, Dorset, New Mexico, Phoenix Taxis.

H2 expansion bogged down: According to Reuters, Japan could miss its goal of installing 100 hydrogen filling stations by March 2016. A mere 76 stations were approved prior to the end of an application deadline for subsidies last month.

New fast-chargers: 18 rapid-charge points will be installed in Dorset in southern England until the end of May. These will be accessible via the Charge Your Car membership card or smartphone app.

New Mexico gets rapid charging: A total of five fast-chargers will be installed in the towns of Albuquerque, Corrales and Santa. The stations are funded by Nissan. There are nearly 11,000 plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles on the road in New Mexico.

Phoenix Taxis wants more Teslas: The British taxi company took its first Tesla into service and already announced that it is planning on purchasing another nine in the next year.

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