Björn Nykvist & Måns Nilsso, James Verrier, Cho Suk-jeh.

Bjoern-Nykvist“We believe that the 8% annual cost decline for market-leading actors is more likely to represent the probable future cost improvement for Li-ion battery packs in BEV.”

This is a quote from Björn Nykvist and Måns Nilsson who fathered a study at the Stockholm Environment Institute which predicts battery prices to fall to 200 dollars per kWh in the rather near future (we reported).

James-Verrier“We view electrification as a friend of BorgWarner.”

BorgWarner CEO James Verrier is not afraid of electrification. The company believes that in about ten years time, 25 percent of vehicles will be electric or hybrid and the supplier plans to have “meaningful content on pure electric vehicles” by then.

Cho-Suk-jeh“After years of difficulties, the automotive battery business will open a new era for us.”

LG Chem CFO Cho Suk-jeh is close to being excited on the prospects of profits. He predicts break even point for the company’s automotive battery business “by late this year” and profits by 2016 as carmakers upgrade their EVs.


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