James Chao, Rex Tillerson, Ray Kurzweil.

James-Chao“It is the cost of entry of being here. A lot of it is kind of for show, and they just want to please the government.”

James Chao, managing director of IHS Automotive, comments on the numerous EV joint ventures by Western and Chinese companies. The former not only aim to get a piece of the electric car cake in China but much more try to appease the government to be allowed to build factories on the mainland.

Rex-Tillerson“While a lot of improvements have been made, the fundamental challenges of how you do have a battery with performance that the consumer will require has not been overcome.”

This is Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson trying to ramp up the challenge EVs are facing today. However, he would say that, would he not, as the end of the oil age is near.

Ray-Kurzweil“I think we will see that when we get to the more mature phase of nanotechnology. Biotech is here. It’s transforming medicine. Nanotech is not quite here. It’s still 10-15 years away.”

Futurologist Ray Kurzweil does not expect quantum leaps in battery technology anytime soon. These will only come through nanotechnology. He did hint on “microscopic-sized fuel cells” of an unnamed company.


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