Henk Kamp, Yoshikazu Tanaka, Tetsuro Aikawa.

Henk-Kamp“If you consider that six years ago there were 600 and now there is already 50 thousand, it is going in the right direction.”

Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, is determined to not only keep incentivising EVs but make rules even easier. The country aims to have 200,000 electric cars on its roads by 2020 and Kamp thinks this is reachable.

Yoshikazu-Tanaka“Both in terms of design and manufacturing technology, we need to improve. We need to achieve a drastic technological evolution.”

Yoshikazu Tanaka, Mirai Chief Engineer, on Toyota’s substantial difficulties to increase production of its first FCV in line with demand. Waiting time is up to three years.
autonews.com, transportevolved.com

Tetsuro-Aikawa“In the future, we would like to launch such a vehicle with Evo characteristics. […] So we would like to launch this type of car, featuring EV and PHEV technology, which is the ultimate of its kind.”

Mitsubishi President Tetsuro Aikawa here dreams of an “ultimate car” based on the ASX. The high performance Evo would then be issued as a plug-in hybrid and EV but is so far just an idea.


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