London Heathrow, Fastned, Japan, Los Angeles, Lingang New City.

Cleaner air-port: A ten-point-plan designed to improve air quality around London’s Heathrow Airport and the introduction of an ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) by 2025, could affect 8,500 airside vehicles operating at the airport. The proposal also includes a 5 million pound investment to improve EV charging infrastructure and to partly electrify the airport’s fleet by 2020.

Fastned flatrate: The Dutch start-up says it will introduce EV charging price plans similar to mobile phone tariffs. EV drivers will be able to choose between unlimited fast charging for 100 euros a month, fast charging at a reduced rate for 12 euros a month or charge as you go.

Tesla chargers in Japan: Tesla plans to quintuple the number of Superchargers in Japan this year, increasing the number to 30 on the main island of Honshu. Currently, there are only 6 fast-charging stations. All Japanese Superchargers are to be fully powered by solar energy.

Five electric buses by BYD will soon be tested in LA for six months. The vehicles, which were built in California, have been delivered to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) that holds an option of 20 more electric buses from the Chinese company.,

EV sharing in China: Lingang New City launched an electric car sharing scheme under which drivers can rent a Roewe E50 for 30 yuan (4.80 dollars) an hour. Currently, 30 EVs are available but the fleet is said to grow to 50 later this year with an app to be introduced in June.


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