Elon Musk, Robin Hayles, Ravi Shanker.

Elon-Musk-Twitter“There’s no way that we can possibly satisfy the demand this year.”

Whether Elon Musk is surprised about the instant success of Tesla’s Powerwall is not clear, but he says that the demand is too high to be satisfied without the Gigafactory, as the system is “sold out through the middle of next year.” Suddenly, Apple entering the EV business has lost its edge – batteries might become the better seller anyway.
forbes.com (Powerwall), forbes.com (Musk on Apple)

Robin-Hayles“Hyundai in the UK wants to be the number one fuel cell market globally, that’s my ambition anyway.”

Robin Hayles, Hyundai UK, has big ambitions. However, the ix35 FCV only just arrived in Britain, where infrastructure is as scarce as anywhere in the world apart from California and Japan. So the road to success will be a long and rocky one.

Ravi-Shanker“As one of the only outsourced design, engineering and assembly operations in the world, Magna-Steyr is in a unique position to help Apple, Google GOOGL +0.58%, Uber and others who may want to ‘make’ their own cars (but don’t want to get their hands really dirty) come to market quickly – thus playing a similar role to what Foxconn does today for Apple in the smartphone industry.”

Morgan Stanley auto analyst Ravi Shanker on Magna Steyr and its potential to become an even bigger player globally when taking on the actual manufacture of car-centred projects by the likes of the above named companies.


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