DFKI, e-dams Renault, add-e, VisIC Technologies.

Shrinkable EV: The German DFKI Robotics Innovation Center has presented its EO Smart Connecting Car 2, a flexible EV that can shrink in size and drive sideways. The vehicle, first presented in 2012, can also drive autonomously and turn on a dime. It is even said to dock automatically to charging stations.
cnn.com; robotik.dfki-bremen.de (in German)

Preparing for the next season: Formula E team e-dams Renault plans to begin testing its new technical package for the upcoming season in June already, including the inverters and the gearbox. First trials with the new electric racer are scheduled for July and August.

From bike to e-bike: The add-e solution can be used to retrofit any bike and to electrify it. The company has now started a crowdfunding campaign to provide bikers out there with a little electric boost.
gadgetify.com (with video), indiegogo.com (campaign)

Normally-off GaN switch: Israeli firm VisIC Technologies has introduced its first normally-off GaN power transistors to the market. The 650V “ALL-Switch” is also suited for hybrid and electric vehicles.
semiconductor-today.com, compoundsemiconductor.net


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