California, Colorado, EV charging stations, Dorset, New Zealand.

Inclusive EV scheme: The California Air Resources Board is starting a new EV incentive programme for people of low income in the Greater Los Angeles area and San Joaquin Valley. The pilot offers up to 12,000 dollars to those who hand in their old gas guzzlers in exchange of a low or zero emission vehicle. The lower the income and the cleaner the car, the higher the incentive.

Colorado is similarly generous as it now ruled that the states 6,000-dollar rebate can also be applied to used EVs, as long as they have not claimed the incentive before. Add to that the 7,500-dollar government rebate and an electric car could become 13,500 dollars cheaper.

Infrastructure pays off: The global market for EV chargers is expected to grow more than 12-fold within the next few years, analysts of IHS suggest. Their forecast sees demand to climb from one million units in 2014 to 12.7 million units in 2020.,

Rapid charging in UK: The first of a total of 18 fast chargers has been installed in Dorset as part of a 900,000-pound grant from the Department of Transport. It is powered by solar power. Also the Cotswold District has now erected two Siemens DC-charging stations close to the motorway. (Dorset), Cotswold info via email

Electric delivery in NZ: The New Zealand Post has started a trial with fully electric delivery vehicles in Taranaki and New Plymouth. The 20 EVs combine the delivery of letters and parcels and are allowed to drive on the footpath with 10 kph. In Plymouth, 40 electric three-wheelers reach a speed of up to 45 kph.

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