MIRA, PSC Motors, TE Connectivity, University of Maryland.

British-Brazilian battery development: UK-based MIRA entered a collaborative agreement with Fundação Parque Tecnológico Itaipu (FPTI). The plan is to develop a new research centre for energy storage in Brazil. The first joint project will see the partners research and develop a new and flexible architecture lithium battery to be used in transportation as well as stationary power applications.
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Hybrid Hypercar: PSC Motors from Las Vegas says it is working on a plug-in hybrid with a system output of 1,700 hp. The SP-200 SIN uses light-weight materials and is said to go from 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 280 mph. Its electric range is given at 30 miles. Production is set for 2016.
electriccarsreport.com, hybridcars.com

3-D printed electric motorcycle: TE Connectivity has printed a fully functional electric motorcycle at the Rapid 2015 show in Long Beach, California. As the model serves as a demonstrator, the 750W electric motor only propels the bike at a speed of 15 mph with a battery that just lasts for a few minutes. Motor, tires and other components were added, not printed.

New material for solid-state battery: Researchers at the University of Maryland have created a solid-state Li-ion battery made from one material, which incorporates the properties of both electrodes and electrolyte. The new material consists of a mix of sulfur, germanium, phosphorus and lithium.


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