Thomas Bartman, Alex Gruzen.

Thomas-Bartman“Despite glowing media reports, Tesla is not disruptive, and it will have trouble scaling as it seeks to grow.”

Thomas Bartman, who studies disruptive innovation at a Harvard Business School think tank, has troubles granting Tesla the honour of being a disruptor. He believes that true innovation and sales lie in golf-cart-like electric vehicles as well as small electric delivery vans.,

Alex-Gruzen“I’ll have it in my kitchen counter, my bedside table, probably my coffee table. And throughout my day, I’ll be casually topping off my devices with this quick ‘energy snacking.’ The same thing will happen in the automotive space, because when you park, it’ll just charge, and you won’t be thinking about it.”

Inductive charging will be everywhere if the future works out WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen’s favour. While Toyota has invested into the MIT spin-off, so far no concrete plans or real-life big scale applications of the technology have been rolled out.


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