Winfried Vahland, Andrew Thompson.

Winfried-Vahland“Again it is down to cost, but if I could make an electric car it would be the Citigo. That has to come somewhere along the road. But we have to make it affordable. And maybe the range has to stretch so you could take it into work for two consecutive days [without charging] – maybe 120 km. That could work.”

Winfried Vahland, head of Skoda, here answers the question of whether there could one day be an all-electric Citigo.

andrew-thompson“In particular, it means that smaller technology companies, working on peripheral solutions that could help to make electric cars more viable in the future, can now gain access to technologies that would previously have been blocked to them.”

Andrew Thompson, clean-tech specialist at intellectual property firm Withers & Rogers, welcomes Ford’s decision to open up its patents on electric and hybrid car technologies to competitors.


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