Marc Girard, Bob Lutz, Samuel Jeanson.

Marc-Girard“It is a positive that there are more competitors in the electric-car segment. Being a standalone player on such a big field is difficult. The positive effect is it brings (awareness) higher, so we see it positively.”

Marc Girard, head of the Interior Design department at BMW, gives a rather exciting and fearless outlook on more i-series models to come. After all, there are “a lot of numbers between 3 and 8,” he added.

bob-lutz“I think [the battery] is greatly overvalued because having batteries as backup storage has been around for hundreds of years. I can’t understand the fascination with this.”

Bob Lutz, also known as “father of the Chevy Volt,” says he does not understand the hype about energy storage, particularly not that offered by Tesla. According to Lutz, lead acid batteries are cheaper but will do the job just as well. via

Samuel-Jeanson“This is THE test… The early majority are looking, curious, and interested–but no more. If the experience at the dealer level isn’t satisfying, they will buy a conventional car … and that’s it.”

Bourgeois Chevrolet co-owner Samuel Jeanson says sales experience is crucial for EV adoption, which is now slowly moving away from early adopters to an early majority. His dealership has been awarded for its plug-in sales twice already.


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