Jun 25, 2015 - 08:51 am

Neil Broad, Mark Johnson.

Neil-Broad“I think hydrogen will be the technology of the next 20 years and, in our eyes, more so than electric because it’s a more efficient power delivery. It’s easier to store and actually it’s greener than electric would be because it’s easier to generate.”

Neil Broad, General Manager of Toyota & Lexus Fleet Services UK says that while only a limited number of Mirai fuel-cell vehicles will go on sale in September, it is not because the carmaker does not believe in the technology. Just that first, there need to be a few more filling stations.

Mark-Johnson“We are known historically for our diesel technology. That has carried us a long way and is still very much a part of what we’re doing but plug-in hybrid technology as well as pure electric are key.”

Mark Johnson, National Fleet Sales Manager of the Volkswagen Group UK says that the Passat GTE plug-in hybrid will arrive in the UK in early 2016 and is “a real signal of intent”.


Found on electrive.com
25.06.2015 08:44