e-Genius, Gigafactory, Local Motors, Berkeley Lab.

eGenius-Alpese-Genius: An electric plane has crossed the Alps, flying 320 and 365 kilometres back and forth for 21 euros worth of charge (83 kWh). The two-seater e-Genius was built by the University of Stuttgart that has been working on the project since May 2011.
idw-online.de, ifb.uni-stuttgart.de (project’s website)

Gigafactory to double in size? Tesla already acquired 1,200 more acres of land right next to its enormous battery factory. The new acquisition more than doubles the EV maker’s property and Tesla asked for an additional 350 acres adjacent to its current factory site.
electrek.co, youtube.com (County official)

3D-printed vehicle design: Local Motors presents the ‘Reload Redacted – Swim/Sport’ design that won the contest Project Redacted. It will thus become the base for the first 3D-printed road-ready electric vehicle to be launched next year.

Electric autonomous cabs could prove climate savers, research by Berkeley Lab suggests. Per-mile greenhouse gas emissions of such a taxi in 2030 would be 90% lower than that of a private car in 2014, as the cab’s effectiveness increases with more miles travelled and right choice of size for occupancy.
nature.com via greencarcongress.com


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