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zecOO, SmartCarts, Arkema, new solid-state electrolyte, Li−S cathode.

ZecOOCustom electric motorcycle: Japanese designer Koza Netu is rethinking electric motorbikes. With the zecOO, his company Znug presents an electric motorcycle that elegantly hides the batteries (range given at 160 km) under a dynamic nose cone. A single-sided swingarm provides hub steering. The motor comes from Zero Motorcycles, but only 49 units will be built.
cycleworld.com, zecoomotor.com

3D printed E-Carts: University of Michigan’s SmartCarts project is looking to explore ride sharing with autonomous EVs. The vehicles are 3D printed by Local Motors and fitteded with an electric motor from a golf cart. They will be tested on the uni’s MCity, a simulated urban environment, first, but might progress to campus once considered “smart” enough.
ns.umich.edu via autoblog.com

Battery lab: Chemical company Arkema is getting on board the planned Li-ion lab in the French Aquitaine region, set up as SCE France, a subsidiary of Hydro-Quebec. The aim is to develop lithium-iron-phosphate-based batteries while researching battery technologies that use advanced materials.

Organic solid-state: Researchers from Korean Pohang University, have come up with a new solid-state electrolyte based on an organic molecular porous solid. It is said to boost Li-ion batteries performance while reducing the danger of overheating.

Rational cathode: Researchers in China say they developed a rationally designed Li−S cathode consisting of a freestanding composite thin film made from sulfur nanoparticles, graphene oxide and PAQS. The freestanding cathode displays increased rate performance and stability.


CoperionCoperion technology for continuous production of battery materials. Reliable process technology solutions that secure a consistently high product quality: The ZSK twin screw extruders, the components and the gravimetric feeders from Coperion and Coperion K-Tron are specifically designed for toxic and hard-to-handle materials in continuous production processes.

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