Jul 16, 2015 - 08:47 am

MoneySuperMarket, ETH Zurich, Iceland, ELIX Wireless.

Thinking ahead: A BMW i3 has been refitted to be controlled solely by the driver’s brain waves. It was developed by MoneySuperMarket for its Car Insurance Epic Mind Drive project. Via a headset, specially trained drivers think “right,” “left,” and “brake,” by associating these commands with images the EV can read.

Another Swiss solar plane is attempting to break a record. The ETH Zurich has developed the unmanned Atlantik Solar, which attempts to stay airborne for 80 hours. If successful, it would be the second longest, autonomous solar flight with a plane weighing less than 50 kilos worldwide. The plane is part of the EU project Icarus and could be used in crisis areas to save lives.
tagesanzeiger.ch (in German)

Silent approach: Iceland is now operating the electric schooner Opal. It can “sail” electrically, and generates electricity with a specially designed turbine when setting actual sail. The Opal is being used for eco-conscious whale-watching and backed by multiple Scandinavian companies and organisations.
icelandnaturally.com, businesswire.com

10 kW wirelessly: Canadian ELIX Wireless, a spin-off of the University of British Columbia, has developed a 10 kW wireless charging solution. The E10K Wireless Charging System applies the company’s patented Magneto-Dynamic Coupling technology.


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