Jul 17, 2015 - 08:17 am

Tony Whitehorn, Jim Taylor.

Tony-Whitehorn“If you just restrict hybrid technology to one vehicle, you’ll never get the revenue. You have to put it in other cars.”

Hyundai UK boss Tony Whitehorn comments on the company’s first dedicated hybrid, which sits on a platform developed by sister brand Kia for its own hybrid, called DE. Both companies are following Toyota’s (early) example.

Jim-Taylor“We want to be out next year. Midyear is our target. That’s what we’ve told the plants and our suppliers, but we won’t make any promises to say this is our launch date, get ready.”

Jim Taylor, chief marketing officer Fisker Automotive, discusses the Karma’s relaunch. It seems there are plans but no promises. Ready when you are.


Found on electrive.com
17.07.2015 08:20