Philipp Schröder, George Crabtree, Andy Bovensiepen.

Philipp-Schroeder“It is difficult to catch up with us. Tesla’s experience cannot be reproduced in a lab. Today, its not the big who eat the small, but the fast who eat the slow.”

Philipp Schröder, head of Tesla Germany, is certain that the upcoming Model X and Model 3 will be a success, especially as technology improves. (in German)

George-Crabtree“If you really want electric cars to compete with gasoline, you’re going to need the next generation of batteries.”

The words of George Crabtree from the Argonne National Laboratory need little explaining. Lithium-ion batteries are still subject to many technical or chemical issues that researchers aim to solve in the near future.

anonym“Hybrid technology is advancing quickly. We’re now seeing what I’d call ‘second-generation’ hybrids and EVs, like the BMW i8, and it’s becoming more interesting.”

Alpina CEO Andy Bovensiepen says that hybrids could soon be a topic worth looking into. Until now, the technology had not been good enough to be interesting for small carmakers.


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