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Car2Go , Netherlands, Illinois, UK, Cheshire East Council, Solvania.

No Car2Go in Montreal? The Canadian city reportedly plans to set up a 1,000-EV carsharing scheme and is looking for potential providers. However, not all qualify as Montreal wants four-seaters (at least) with a range of 150 kilometres. The electric Smarts of the Car2Go fleet does therefore not qualify.
cjad.com, lapresse.ca (in French)

33 million for infrastructure: The European Commission has approved the Netherland’s plan to provide 33 million euros in public funding for EV infrastructure. The funding is in line with EU state aid rules and will run until 2018. Infrastructure providers will be selected through competitive tenders.

Criminalizing ICEing: The U.S. state of Illinois may enact a law that would make blocking parking lots reserved for EVs with a conventional car a crime that could be fined with up to 100 dollars. Furthermore, the gas guzzler will be towed, making the cost for ICEing substantial.

20m GBP for electric cabs: Eight British cities have been shortlisted to win parts of 20 million pound fund for electric taxi schemes. The selected bidders will receive a government-backed study to establish how Birmingham, Cambridge, Coventry, Dundee, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield and West Yorkshire could use the money most wisely.

EV fleet: Cheshire East Council will replace four of its pool car fleet with electric vehicles. Furthermore, it has secured funding for six rapid-charging stations while it operates five 7-kW chargers already.

Fast charging Slovenia: More than 20 rapid-charging stations will be installed along the Eastern European country’s motorways before the end of the year. The news comes from the Slovenian press agency STA that quotes utility provider SODO.


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