Ricky Hudi, Matthew Levatich.

Ricky-Hudi“It will be economically logical — that will be a big influence – and there are still dramatic improvements with lithium-ion, and Samsung and LG are the best at it today.”

Ricky Hudi, Audi’s head of electronics development, makes a strong case for battery-electric vehicles. Meanwhile, competitors BMW and Mercedes are gearing up for fuel cell vehicles.

Matt-Levatich“We’re going to do this right. We want this to be a genuine, 100 percent Harley-Davidson—no excuses. The batteries are getting lighter and more efficient all the time, so it’s really just math at this point.”

Harley Davidson CEO Matthew Levatich is not intimidated by Polaris issueing an electric motorcycle. The cult brand rather waits until technology will allow it to convey the true Harley experience.


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