Brett Winton, Terry Bassham.

BRETT WINTON“It doesn’t make sense to compare R&D investments in products that we believe will sell 10x their current volumes against unit sales in the particular quarter in which those investments took place. By that same logic Amazon lost money on every item sold in 2014!”

Brett Winton, Head of Research at ARK Invest, comments on a recent report by Reuters, stating that Tesla would lose 4,000 dollars with every Model S sold. While Tesla said its R&D is different from traditional carmakers, it also intends to keep investing in the future.

anonym“It’s amazing, the number of people who have volunteered. We are going to have 1,100 stations. With two chargers per station, we think that will serve 10,000 cars. We have more (host) people interested than we have sites.”

Terry Bassham, CEO of Kansas City Power and Light (KCPL), is excited about how many people joined the utility’s scheme to transform Kansas City into a hotspot for electric vehciles.


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