Ian Wright, Lucas di Grassi.

Ian-Wright“The interest we get is straight out, ‘Yeah. This will save money. And by the way, it will solve our emissions compliance problems. And also, by the way, we think our customers will like that they don’t make noise.’ If you ask people when their garbage is collected, they can usually tell you because it wakes them up.”

Ian Wright helped bring electric cars to market when he co-founded Tesla Motors a decade ago and is now electrifying trash trucks with his new company Wrightspeed, saying that “we’ve got a hell of a good start.”

Lucas-di-Grassi“Although some cars have different gears and drivetrains I’m expecting the season to be very close.”

Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi does not believe that there will be just one car that will dominate the second season of the all-electric race series.


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