Edison Eletron One, Manz, Fraunhofer IWES, Bosch.

Super capabilities: Sunvault and Edison Power Company announce the all-electric ‘Edison Electron One,’ featuring a graphene energy storage system that can allegedly be charged in five minutes. A fuel cell will serve as range extender and is said to perform electrolysis itself, meaning one only needs to fill the tank with water. The vehicle can be ordered from early 2016.

Manz gets new battery production deal: The Manz AG announced a 12m dollar deal to build lithium-ion batteries for a client in the United States. There is also a possibility to include further deals in the U.S. and China. The client’s name was not announced.
nasdaq.com, manz.com

Wireless and highly efficient: The Fraunhofer IWES will present an inductive charging system with bidirectional charging capabilities at the IAA later this month. Even if car and charging coil are up to 20 cm apart, efficiency is said to be between 93 and 95 percent across the entire power range, from 400 W to 3.6 kW.
phys.org, nanowerk.com

Bosch in Frankfurt: The German supplier will show the second generation of its 48V system at the IAA, which allows the electric motor to provide power to wheels independently for a short distance. Bosch will also show a new battery system and thermal management, said to increase the range of electric cars.


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