Rolf Bulander, Wolfgang Epple.

Rolf-Bulander“The increased availability of electric powertrains in the market is definitely advantageous and makes it easier for new players to enter the market.”

For Rolf Bulander, chairman of the Bosch business sector Mobility Solutions, new market entrants such as Tesla and Google are customers just like established carmakers. He believes that double the range at half the price will be possible by 2020, at which point Bosch would think about manufacturing battery cells.

Wolfgang-Epple“The three Concept_e vehicles will allow us to test and develop exciting new potential technologies that could form part of our low-and zero-emissions vision beyond 2020.”

Dr. Wolfgang Epple leads Jaguar Land Rover’s Research and Technology activities and sees the Concept_e MHEV, Concept_e PHEV and Concept_e BEV (we reported) as part of the company’s long-term research project exploring hybrid and battery EV technology.


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