BASF, OXIS Energy, nanosheets.

Fitted for EVs: BASF expands its range of engineering plastics for hybrid and electric vehicles. The new Ultramid and Ultradur materials are bound to hug high-voltage connectors tight, thus saving manufacturers weight and installation space.

IEEV 2015

Super-chilled Li-S battery: Hyperdrive Innovation and Li-sulphur battery developer OXIS Energy are exploring the feasibility of an Ultra-Low Temperature Battery (ULTB), capable of operating in the Antarctic. The project is supported by Innovate UK.

Hybrid cellular nanosheets: South Korean researchers found a way to produce carbon-based hybrid cellular nanosheets, made up of close-packed cubic cavity cells divided by carbon walls. These could be an effective solution to shortcomings of anode materials, as they exhibit high electrochemical performance in many key aspects of the LIB anode.


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