Oct 5, 2015 - 08:52 am

Peter Schwarzenbauer, Dan Dolev, Tobias Moers.

Peter-Schwarzenbauer“We will launch a plug-in hybrid and we also need an electric Mini. But how, when and for which model hasn’t been decided yet by the boards.”

Peter Schwarzenbauer, brand manager for Mini talks about the planned realignment of the Mini model range which will also include electrified vehicle versions. Unfortunately he has nothing new or specific to reveal.
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anonym“Our detailed battery component cost analysis details a path to 50%+ reduction in battery pack cost to $125/kWh by 2020.”

According to a Jefferies analyst’s report, Tesla will be able to substantially drive down battery costs, among other factors thanks to Gigafactory scale benefits, cell chemistry and supply chain optimization. The cost reduction is crucial for Tesla in order to become profitable and to be able to sell its upcoming Model 3 from as low as 35,000 dollars.

Tobias-Moers“Even almost three years out of production the SLS Electric Drive is still the benchmark for the electric car technology with its pioneering tech but there’s no sense in making another one.”

Tobias Moers, Chief Executive of AMG, says there is no demand for a fully-electric Mercedes-AMG supercar. He rather wants to continue to focus on class-leading petrol hybrids.


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