John Martin, Khobi Brooklyn, Håkan Samuelsson.

John-Martin“People ask me: ‘When are you going to compete with Tesla?’ And I ask them, ‘When is Tesla going to compete against me?”

John Martin, Nissan North America’s senior vice president of manufacturing and supply chain management, clearly is a man that thinks in numbers and large scale – something Tesla is indeed unable to compete with, yet.

Khobi-Brooklyn“We don’t have plans for retooling Model S at the moment.”

Khobi Brooklyn, Tesla’s communications manager, disperses all thoughts of Tesla refreshing the looks of its 4-year old pioneer anytime soon. Those wanting something different simply have to opt for the Model X or buy another software upgrade.

Hakan-Samuelsson“We believe that the time has come for electrified cars to cease being a niche technology and enter the mainstream.”

Says Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson as the Swedish announce a new wave of electrification that will see PHEV versions of all Volvo cars as well as a new electric car with 500-kilometre range.


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