Oct 26, 2015 - 09:12 am

Navya, Next Future, CleverDrive, Liquid Sky Technologies.

Navya-ArmaElectric mini-bus: French start-up Navya presents the Arma. The 15-passenger bus drives electrically and fully autonomously with up to 45 kph. At the ITS Congress in Bordeaux, the mini bus successfully premiered as passenger shuttle.
20minutes.fr (in French), youtube.com, navya.tech (Bordeaux)

Next Future is a concept for modular transport. Gondulas looking like blown-up iPhones roam the streets to pick up passengers on app request, before the electric pods link up to bus-like structures. The concept by Tommaso Gecchelin is in its very early stages but the company has ties to Silicon Valley and hopes to launch Next Future by 2020.
gizmag.com, youtube.com

Drive smarter: The CleverDrive app by German Ascora helps motorists to drive more eco-consciously. Via a sensor, the app gathers data on engine load, speed, and driving behaviour and bases advice on how to drive greener on that information.
geeky-gadgets.com, kickstarter.com (campaign)

New charging stations: Liquid Sky Technologies’ 80-Amp WattZilla Level 2 charging station passed UL certification testing. It can be wall- or pole-mounted, inside or outside. More certificates are in progress for WaltZilla, and PlugZilla, a portable charger for 240 V outlets.


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