Andrew Jones, Osamu Masuko.

Andrew-Jones-UK“The UK now has over 600 rapid charge points, giving the UK the best charging network in Europe and allowing for fast charging at home, on the street, at railway stations, in town centres, service stations and car parks.”

British Minster for Transport, Andrew Jones, sees the dawn of the ULEV era in Britain. The electric car market on the isles has seen exponential growth (+ 140% EV, +230% PHEV) this year, which Jones interprets as an “irreversible shift” in the car market.

Osamu-Masuko“If we can use EV or PHEV technologies for high-performance cars, we could certainly continue.”

Osamu Masuko, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors, on the carmakers decision to discontinue the Evo badge on saloons. However, the brand for performance cars is likely to reappear on a PHEV or EV, like the ASX SUV.


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