John Kerry, Bob Lutz, Dilbagh Gill.

John-Kerry“Clean energy is not just the solution to climate change; it’s also one of the greatest economic opportunities the world has ever seen.”

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry explains why the government rejected a building permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have transported crude oil from Canadian tar sands to the U.S. Yet, the Obama administration later announced its support for nuclear energy. (oil), (nuclear)

bob-lutz“The whole Clean Diesel campaign, as the foundation of the VW brand, cannot be resurrected. It’s history.”

Industry veteran Bob Lutz looks at Volkswagen’s rigged diesel cars and recalls his encounters with Ferdinand Piech, who he holds responsible for creating a culture of fear in which (forced) fraud could flourish. via

Dilbagh-Gill“To be honest we just under-estimated the championship, and we under-resourced ourselves. We realised that half way through the season, and we started closing the gap to the other teams ahead which was already considerable.”

Mahindra boss Dilbagh Gill critically revises the firms Formula E performance but considers it as a strong learning experience that evolves continuously.


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