Joint research project, BMW i5, PEV, Rensas-NEVS.

International undertaking: Singapore-based Nanyang Technological University, the South China University of China and other partners are setting up a transnational research centre in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The joint research project will also work on new technologies for EVs and PHEVs.,

No i5 rendering: Recently published renderings believed to show the BMW i5 were in fact handed in by the carmaker, but simply show a research vehicle and not the awaited i5.The research concept will be road legal, but it is what under the hood that is important, not its design.

3-wheeled multi-talent: Ryan Chin from the MIT has come up with the PEV, the Persuasive Electric Vehicle. The tricycle is made for the city and can even drive autonomously, in which case the 250 watt motor will do all the work. Otherwise, drivers will have to pedal themselves.,

Renesas and NEVS partner in China: The Japanese supplier of semiconductor solutions Renesas Electronics and Saab-owner NEVS have signed a strategic partnership. Together they want to develop new system solutions for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in China.


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