Herbert Diess, Horacio Pagani.

Herbert-Diess“The electric car gets more attractive month by month because for conventional cars the emissions are getting more expensive, the limits are coming down. Also the batteries are getting cheaper and the charging infrastructure is getting richer in most countries, so the rationale for investing in electric cars gets better every month.”

Volkswagen brand CEO Herbert Diess comments on the carmaker’s new MEB (modular electric kit) platform, designed for the production of compact electric vehicles. Though the platform is supposed to fast-track development, it could be three to four years the first EV is launched.

Horacio-Pagani“I don’t like hybrid cars at the moment, the technology is not ready.”

This statement by Horacio Pagani, founder of the Italian sportscar manufacturer Pagani Automobili, leaves us a little bit baffled. What part of the technology is “not ready,” exactly? The Toyota Prius (a hybrid!) has been on the streets since 1997, and is a best-seller because of its very ready technology.


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