2050 Motors, TU Munich, Formula E, Trikke.

Carbon EV: 2050 Motors introduces the e-Go, an electric car made from carbon fibre the company specialises in. It will be presented in Las Vegas and is said to weigh around just 680 kg (1,500 lbs) including the battery. The latter comes with a 10-year warranty. e-Go may be joined by full size sedan Ibis soon, the firm said.

Battery ageing explained: Researcher from TU Munich applied combined electrochemical investigations with measurement methodologies like X-ray diffraction to better understand why batteries age. They traced back capacity loss to the build-up of a pacifying layer on the anode and hope the research will ultimately lead to optimised batteries.
tum.de, jes.ecsdl.org (full text)

360 degree racing: Formula E intensifies its partnership with 360 Racing to offer 360° video coverage of the electric races. Fans can follow the drivers by logging onto on-board cameras that provide an all-round view. Access is granted via the Formula E app.
motorsport.com, fiaformulae.com

Freedom to fold: Trikke finally introduces the electric version of its tilting trike. Early adopters may get one of the three-wheeled fun vehicles for 599 dollars. With a platform for each foot, Trikke’s foldable Freedom is propelled with carving motions and now a front hub motor. Range is set at 11 – 15 miles.
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