Carlos Gosn, Mary Barra, Yoshikazu Tanaka.

Carlos-Ghosn“I don’t think anybody envisions today a future without the electrification of cars.”

Still, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has no illusions about the profitability, or better the lack thereof, of electric cars. Compliance is the new reality before better times may come, Nissan believes.

Mary-Barra“We’ll be able to put the Chevrolet Bolt in the marketplace next year. […] We wanted to put it in the marketplace as quickly as we could. Electrification as an option for the masses, not just at the top end.

It looks like GM CEO Mary Barra fully agrees with her counterpart at Nissan, as the American carmaker, too, works towards the electrification of the masses.

Yoshikazu-Tanaka“If Elon Musk says fuel cell technology is stupid, in a sense this is true: We are just at the beginning. It was just born and has huge potential.”

Toyota Mirai’s chief engineer Yoshikazu Tanaka is aware that fuel cell technology may indeed seem like an impractical option. Yet, the company decidedly creates facts as it plans to produce “30,000 FCV annually by 2020,” he said.


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