Christine Fleischer, Scott Harden, Zuo Shiquan.

Christine-Fleischer“There are a lot of numbers between 3 and 8. With that ‘room in the middle’ we’ll first offer something between the i3 and i8’s size and performance. It’s not coming in the very near future, because BMW wants to make sure each i-series model is an innovation benchmark, and that takes time.”

Based on the reasoning of Christine Fleischer, area manager at BMW North America, we may expect another four (partially) electric BMW in a distant future, not to mention the numbers before and after.

Scot-Harden“Let’s face it, we now are the only ones with a solid production, at least until the major, older OEMs start putting their own electric bikes in production. And they will, believe me!”

Scott Harden, VP Global Marketing at Zero Motorcycles, sounds a little bit like an Elon Musk for electric two-wheelers. It remains to be seen, when established manufacturers will join the race.

anonym“Because of government subsidies, many car makers have rushed to manufacture electric vehicles. But only a very limited number of car makers can produce up-to-standard electric vehicles.”

Zuo Shiquan, an official from China Center for Information Industry Development, on the difficulties the Chinese EV market and its regulation poses. Despite government subsidies, acceptance among Chinese customers remains low.


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