Dec 11, 2015 - 09:38 am

Matthias Müller, Steve Howard, Ki-Sang Lee.

Matthias-Mueller“We want to create a new, a better, and a stronger Volkswagen. A company that uses its strengths to make the transition to the new world of automobiles.”

Volkswagen boss Matthias Müller spoke at a press conference about the future of the group, saying that the company will use this scandal as a “catalyst for change”. It has to be said, however, that those responsible for the manipulated software have yet to be named.

Steve-Howard“The day of the electric vehicle has arrived. Today it’s better for the customer and better for the environment than the technology of the past. So let’s accelerate that with aggression and purpose. Let’s go all in.”

Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer at Ikea, wants retailers to fill their parking lots with charging stations, offering customers free electricity while they shop. And he says universal charging is important, so any vehicle can plug into any charger in any country.

Ki-Sang-Lee“We don’t believe that there is any one ‘silver bullet’ that can satisfy the demand for low-emission technology within the car industry, so we foresee a wide range of eco-friendly powertrains coexisting for an extended period of time.”

Ki-Sang Lee, senior vice-president Eco Friendly Vehicle R&D Centre at Kia Motors, comments on the carmaker’s decision to increase the number of its “green vehicle” models to eleven from now four by 2020.


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