Hyundai-Kia, Hoverboard, Samsung, TU Cologne.

Hyundai-Sonata-Plug-in-HybridFight over hybrid tech over: Hyundai-Kia agreed to pay Paice royalties to end a law suit over patent infringements regarding hybrid engines. The Koreans were previously ordered to pay 28.9m dollars due to the infringement (we reported). Both Toyota and Ford already license the same technology.,

Hoverboard hazard: Amazon is questioning makers and sellers of self-balancing boards about safety standards, after series of fires caused by faulty batteries made headlines in the United States. Some listings were taken down, while a number of airlines refuse to take the hoverboards on board.

Android e-car? Samsung entertains automotive ambitions and says its focus is on autonomous driving components. The electronics company is already working with VW. If it will join Google and Apple in their electric car plans has yet to be confirmed but does not seem too far fetched.,

Hybrid road paver: TU Cologne is working on making road finishers more sustainable. Its diesel-electric concept road paver is said to use 60 percent less fuel compared to a diesel-hydraulic machine. It is using a synchronous generator to transform the diesel engines energy. (in German)


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