Jan 11, 2016 - 08:59 am

Guillaume Sicard, Qoros.

Guillaume-Sicard“This is the right time to venture into the electric cars segment in India. There are a lot of financial impacts, and this technology is expensive, which means the government needs to put some incentives in place to support this technology. We are in discussions and the government is very proactive on this.”

Guillaume Sicard, president of Nissan India, says the carmaker wants to bring EV and hybrid technologies to India. This comes as India is working on cutting down on pollution.

Qoros100“Qoros will target new opportunities being created by the secular shift towards ultra-low and zero emission vehicles, low environmental impact technologies, the growth of alternative forms of car usage and ownership and the application of self-drive technologies in the field of personal transportation.”

Chinese-Israeli carmaker Qoros wants to “shake up” its own company as it believes the auto industry will be shaken up in the coming years. Qoros will therefore set up a separate business unit for new energy vehicles called NEV (we reported).


Found on electrive.com
11.01.2016 08:47