EMDA_LoOP, Google, Altigreen, Andromeda Power.

Stimulated simulation: The EU project EMDA_LoOP (Optimal low-noise energy-efficient electrical machines and drives for automotive applications) looks at developing multiphysics models for simulating permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) and switched reluctance motors (SRMs). Partners designed models and design tools, including electromagnetic, mechanical, vibroacoustic and thermal.

Buy Google battery patents: The internet giant now offers over 200 patents related to battery technology for sale, including patents for hybrid batteries, charging and chemistry. Google is currently accepting bids. 138 patents are registered in only in the U.S. and are believed to be mainly old Motorola patents.
fortune.com, scribd.com (the offering)

Indian retrofit kit: The HyPixi kit is said to turn any car into a Prius, but for less money. Made by Indian Altigreen Propulsion Labs, the hybrid retrofit is tested in fleets already. The company hopes to hybridise one million vehicles over the next ten years.

Fast-charger funding: The California Energy Commission awarded Andromeda Power 681,693 dollars to develop a smart, fast-charging system for electric vehicles. The system will use real time monitors and controls to enable automated demand response and smooth smart grid integration.


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