Feb 2, 2016 - 08:50 am

Carlos Ghosn, Richard Steinberg, Elon Musk.

Carlos-Ghosn“We have the hybrid technologies through our partner Nissan, and we will use them when we think the market requires it. But there is no escape from all-electric cars.”

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn remains as committed as ever to all-electric vehicles. Yet, hybrid prototypes exist and a diesel hybrid version of the new Megane is planned for next year.

anonym“Our cadence will be about one plug-in variant per quarter.”

Richard Steinberg, spokesman for BMW’s electrification programme in the U.S., on further PHEV models. At the moment, they come with up to 20 miles of range but “this needs to grow,” he added.

Elon-Musk“The X is a better SUV than the S is a sedan.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk praises his latest model for which production is currently being accelerated. Those who already ordered their all-electric SUV can expect delivery this summer.


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02.02.2016 08:24