Bub Lutz, Oliver Blume, Paige Presley.

bob-lutz“While Tesla’s car is excellent, the business has always been lousy. Now, it’s super lousy because the generic demand for electric vehicles is down.”

Industry veteran Bob Lutz is not trying to put down Tesla. He continued saying that competitors like his former employer GM will depress prices for EVs further, as they launch their own electric models.

Oliver-Blume“We are investing a good billion euros in the Mission E alone. That shows how seriously we are taking the matter. We are not just experimenting around to see what comes out of it.”

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume underlines the brand’s investment – both in terms of money and research – in electric vehicle technology. The Mission E might even lead to more purely electric models in the future.

Paige-Presley“While there will always be some EV buyers who are swayed by the changing price of oil, we believe that EV sales will continue to rise over time due to increasing emission regulations and other reasons for purchase of EVs such as lower operating costs, reducing dependence on foreign energy sources, environmental concerns, and a fun-to-drive experience.”

Nissan spokeswoman Paige Presley does not buy into the tale of low oil prices decreasing EV sales. In the long run, the advantages of driving electrically just appear too evident.


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