The New Motion, Demand Clearinghouse, Sleep&Charge, Vallie.

Buffer chargers: The New Motion (TNM) and grid operator TenneT have started a pilot project, where the latter will get access to TNM’s 25,000 charge points and regulate energy supply when EVs are charging. At times of high energy supply, EVs will serve as buffer or mobile energy storage. In times of lower energy supply from renewable sources, they will be charged a lower speed., (both in Dutch)

More smart charging: German utility RWE teams up with KnGrid to develop a cloud-based system for EV charging. The Demand Clearinghouse signals electric cars current prices based on availability of energy from renewables or grid conditions.

Sleep & Charge: The German capital is to redistribute more than 3.5m euros from the city to new tourism initiatives this year. One will be the Sleep and Charge project, which looks to build up to 50 charge points at Berlin hotels. 175,000 euros have been earmarked for the measure. (in German)

Valet park & charge: On-demand valet parking service Vallie offers EV drivers in London to not only park but also charge their electric car. After successful testing, the service can now be booked via an app and has been extended to include the whole central area of the British capital.,


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