Ferrari, Bosch, Toyota.

Hybrid Ferraris? A patent application details plans for hybridisation of the Italian luxury racer, Autocar suggests. The patent in question outlines a model with an electric motor attached to the rear-mounted transmission and slim batteries snuggled into the floor that could last for 30 miles. The set-up would enable Ferrari to hybridise cars with both front and mid-mounted engines.

Electric scooter by Bosch: The German supplier granted autonomy to its motorcycle division. The Two-Wheeler and Powersports Division was set up in Japan to deliver electronic parts to the bike industry. That now includes a 1.8 kW electric hub motor for scooters, destined for the Chinese market.,

H2 for wheel and well: Toyota intensifies its hydrogen strategy, looking to also power forklifts and air conditioners with hydrogen. The H2 will be produced with renewable energy from Fukuoka, and with Kyushu University on board, Toyota hopes to adapt the technology at its Mirai production plant by 2020.


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