Mar 3, 2016 - 09:20 am

Thomas Weber, Harald Krueger, Mike Flewitt.

thomas-weber“We just do not want to be the champions of announcements.”

Daimler chief developer Thomas Weber didn’t budge when asked about timing and models for a possible electric car offensive. He did say, however, that a BEV is not far, but would have to remain secret to keep a competitive advantage. (in German)

Harald-Krueger“We need government support to boost sales. We’re in positive talks with the German government and I expect there will be a resolution soon.”

BMW CEO Harald Krueger adds to the discourse about EV incentives in Germany. The Bavarian carmaker is clearly a proponent, as is the Bavarian branch of the conservative party CSU and the social democrats.

Carlos-Ghosn“If Germany takes important measures to support electric cars, it’s going to help us a lot to boost the volume.”

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn thinks along the same lines and believes a German incentive scheme would get the market going.

Mike-Flewitt“Our next hybrid vehicle will launch towards the latter part of our six-year plan, and we will see at least 50 percent featuring hybrid technology by 2022.”

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt makes it clear – the carmaker is all about hybridisation. Flewitt added that engineers were looking into full electrification in the Ultimate Series.


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