Jörg Grotendorst (ZF), Max Conze (Dyson).

Joerg-Grotendorst-ZF“Do you know how much 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer really is? It weighs about the same as a bar of chocolate. So just imagine this: as you’re driving your car along, you open the window every kilometer and throw out a bar of chocolate. As I see it, there simply must be better solutions.”

Thinks Jörg Grotendorst, head of ZF’s new e-mobility division. He believes that soon consumer demand will be strong enough to carry the industry without help from the State, esp. with PHEVs and if battery costs move below the 100 $/kWh threshold.

Max-Conze“We have invested £100m looking at batteries in the past five years. We are now stepping up that work and will spend £1bn by 2020. Solving energy density is the greatest engineering challenge in the 21st century.”

Dyson CEO Max Conze bolsters up the company’s approach to invest in future technologies like energy storage. Apart from its own investment, Dyson reportedly received a 16m pound grant from the British government.


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